“Dear Marnie,  I wanted you to know how much of an impact your books are having on a special group of children. I am a pediatric psychotherapist. My practice is limited to treating children who have been traumatized by some type of abuse, neglect or exploitation.  Their self esteem and ability to trust, have been compromised by the time they reach my office for rehabilitative therapy.  Using the BuzzyLuvs books helps me earn their trust in our first session. The pictures are captivating and the ideas can be implemented immediately by even the youngest of my clients.  The BuzzyLuvs books have become one of my favorite and most effective therapy tools!  Thank you Marnie!!”

Summer A. Wilson, LCSW-Pediatric Psychotherapist-Certified TFCBT Therapist

“I Love the messages that BuzzyLuvz books promote! It promotes social/emotional learning. I teach Kindergarteners and we learn how to take care of ourselves, of each other and of our environment. These books are “right on target” with the same message. My toddler has her own set and my classroom does as well. Thank you, Marnie!”

— Nadine Antoine, Kindergarten Teacher

“I recently picked up a copy of the BuzzyLuvz series, written by Marnie Howard. I have a three year old daughter and she absolutely fell in love with these books. Each book teaches a different lesson, from learning to be helpful to learning to be thankful. I love that these books are teaching my daughter about kindness and compassion at such a young age. As for my daughter, she is taken in by the vibrant illustrations and alway wants to know the story behind each one. I know the lessons in these books stick with her because she often refers back to them when giving me a hand with small chores or when being polite. On top of that, she always wants to share them with any visitors to our house! Definitely a book series worth checking out – it does a great job of teaching children about the importance of kindness, thankfulness, compassion and positive attitude.”

— Stephanie H., Parent

My son was gifted the BuzzyLuvz books prior to his 3rd Birthday and he read them non-stop for months and still enjoys them. (he is now almost 4 years old) I was able to refer to the books from time to time in an effort to help in difficult peer situations by saying; “what would Buzzy say?” They really helped with identifying between emotions as well.

His favorite is “Be Generous” because green is his favorite color and the content of this book resonated with him best. We always have to read a minimum of 3 books before bed. The BuzzyLuvz series are fun and help bring about dialogue between child and parent for situations that will arise and the message of loving, empathetic reactions to life is critical for child rearing in today’s largely impersonal environment.”

— Kristen J., Parent